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Employment: 2007 present: Multimedia website producer, video production, music production, eBooks and PC games. Working with equipment from Lenovo Radeon, idea pad, ASUS, Toshiba 4K, Phillips HD, Samsung, Technics, Fostex, creative 7.1 sound, Nokia HD, Hewlett Packard, Panasonic HD, Casio, Cam Pro 4k, Windows 7, 10 & 11, Microsoft office & 365, Cisco networking, 3/4G broadband, WIFI & Hotspot and more.

Tasks: Script writing MS Word, camera man, sound, lighting, programming visual studio 2008/19/22 HTML, C/C++,  Bitkinex upload / downloads, graphics with Xtreme photo designer, editing with Adobe elements / MS Video maker / clip champ and accounts in Excel, also analytics up to 10K data a month..

Suppliers such as hosted on, and Advertising with,, and MS Advertising.


University of Central England / Birmingham University

2004 2006 Computing & electronics, Certificate of higher education, Business, Maths, Electronics, programming, embedded systems, CCNA Networking.


Kodak Weddings, Yellow pages self employed

2003 2004 Cameraman and editor, advertising.

Telelarm Care Ltd

2000 2001 Door entry engineer, service repair, van and tools, ordering parts, phone, reports, programming, surveys, estimates, fire switch, Tunstall, Entrotec, keys and more.