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Personal computer with up grades. chip   Board of a P4 that was upgraded and made to operate with peripherals.    chip2 Fan of a P4 that has to be given atom cleaning.     chip3 P4 fan air cleaning.     chip4 Cable, drives (CD, DVD, HD) and heat sinks.     sound board Sound extension for port     graphics card high resoloution graphics     graphics higher resoloution graphics     psu board Power supply unit on main board with one fan.     fb Fibre optic sound input for micro computer 16 bit function on a 32 bit.     Building a personal computer with hard drive disc then adding memory in 2008. As the graphics card is added more processing power was gained. Found Pentium 4 was using a failing compact disc and so improved with a digital versatile disc writer. Sound card to make the emulation of 1980 studio sound, for compact disc standard. Printer made the computer expandable with paper, but cross port compatibility has seen now WIFI. Graphics card by two had memory of 512 mega bytes and 1024 mega bytes. When fan on card needed cleaning the system would slow down and then enable main computer to be set as offline. High resolution and low resolution capabilities. Accelerated graphics meant the system could operate in parallel with one monitor.        


Removing a light and chandler then replacing with a twin light diffuser.
lamp chandler    wiring    step ladder    meter    twin light

Get the old style out and in with the new light. Need to work out the wiring and be up to health and safety standards.
Use a step ladder to be safe and a volt meter to pass life time test of the equipment (yearly), when light fitted switch on. Found economical and also got features for better lighting than conventional, if you can work with that.

Web page will be available if you text (only) your email too: 07704 585 275 (UK)
£20 to fit and install.
28/2/2014 time: 15:53

Building a micro personal computer by Corsair, from an Asus intel core I3 board, corsair power supply unit, memory of GB, a hard drive and a gamer ATX case. The process starts with the psu, getting to grips with the schematics, then move on to the coresponding intel i3 board and i3 chip to make the three work. Be sure the pc case can hold the psu, i3 accordingly. Then you may need parts for the type of case to get items such as fans, usb, drives working, from leads to port interfaces. Once all in the pc case and not switching on good to have a volt meter to check where the fault lies. Will need some idea of electronics if you source all over the place, but then at a electronics specialist all should be there.
    psu    i3 board     atx case    meter  

The power supply is a good over clocker. An Asus i3 intel chip board can take more memory and faster processor speeds. The larger the ATX case the more space to add what you want, if you know how to make it work. Meters always come in handy as the building of a PC is a static risky problem. (c) 18/2/2014, 6:35 am.

 For full webpage and details email:

Web page will be available if you text (only) your email too: 07704 585 275 (UK)
£25 to build.
PC Build

28/2/2014 15:52
For 2014 are some video's of building by two methods.

Double glazing is a feature of windows for housing. When one is broken then you need to replace or repair.

A lot of work when winter and materials have to be purchased.

Prices of windows range and you get a standard.

Tools used too make a window vary. Cost £65 estimate repair. Text 07704 585 275 (UK) windows video

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