Computer technology

 Computer? We have not got one yet, they’re so expensive what we got is a system. Systems come in many forms and the most common is the personal computer that uses software to complete tasks.


 The price of technology has come down when you check the power the money buys. For now memory cards are bigger and cheaper with memory disk also bucking the trend of being lower priced than years ago.


 Kilo bytes a term that is now surpassed by terra bytes and so size of applications have moved on. Video that was not possible now is easy on a PC or even mobile phone. Memory seems to be what large programs require and the storage of data means so much more to handle.


 Whilst the essentials of computing have got better, diversity with sound can be seen with high definition sound or surround sound.


 Graphics are pushing the boundaries for 4K graphics will soon become common.


 The basics of a system of input process and output tended to be keyboard, chip and screen or printer. This has not really changed but more has been added on. For touch screens, wireless mouse and laser printer can now be used.


 Wifi a radio signal has taken charge where wires used to be. For networking, keyboards too printers means technology got a shift to allow wireless.


 What is still to come will be the expense of bandwidth that is how much data you can send and receive such as over the internet. Whilst the size is a problem there also is the speed that comes in at 4G or fibre optic.


 When using the internet you are most likely connected to a server but to the normal person this is irrelevant. Like the mobile phone we are not bothered if and how they work, just need a service.


 As technology became cheaper and more available, phones took on many of the features of a computer, such as android or smart phones. The market changed with free apps containing adverts. Deals were done that made phones a contract based on what sim purchased. You can get bundles for data, calls and text. Whilst the phone also will allow many routine things a computer was needed for.


 The chips found in computers now have a version installed in phones.


 So the cost of a system really has come down but still the computer is missing that will work like a robot. There is Alexa that can operate similar with more versions of a talking system on the market. That will answer questions and can operate up to basic functions.


The big companies like Microsoft, Google or Amazon and Apple all kept up a pace with new technology that uses less energy, things have become compact.


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