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Not so nice seeing the terrorism!

Sound of bombs going off and then confirmed Russia Nuked. Britain fire back. But sound waves of radiation.

Drug addiction ends in many ways. Drug use does not have to be addiction. Drugs business is supposed to be or was bigger than the film industry!

Street Flavours


Abuse so bad it makes you sad. They are glad that it is driving you mad. Children scream it is not a dream. What is the theme of a touch like beating it seems.

Counterparts act in a pact that they know its fact. Will you speak or be a treat for them to eat. Elders laugh with eyes half. The wisdoms gone and no sun has shone.

gays believe you will conceive. To make a circle bigger, when they are in need. Gigolos move ever so smooth. no one can prove when they illude.

Homosexual became law. before that for the poor. Do you know the score. Of perves in law.

Men would fight that its not right. Out came the light on who is the blight. Molester felt the best of the pelt. Shalt molester be free law changed the plea.

Mothers would cry and wonder why. The time is over and used like a dog called rover. Peadophiles laughed I broke kids in half. Kids grew up and found they known as slut.

Powers kept the place silent. Powers relented and made people mindful. What do you do. Give them a clue.

Prostitutes ran from the ban. They said if I can do business with a gram. Times was up silence was shut. Feel it in your gut.

Women prayed they day would fade. if they were paid could not say anything weighed.

Shop around found internet has a special discount. Then there is cheaper than internet but not clean. In the end you have too consider if saving between 30 to 50 is worth the running and searching when they say are you spying on the prices? Competitors like to find a price and then there can be a need for support. Yet the 30 or 50 to be saved is on goods at the cost of 270. Reasons for discounts can be end of line, loss of sale i.e. failed buyer and more.

Break dancing, now just called dancing, has formed into a style of more than windmill or helicopter moves, with not mere gymnastics but flips and holds. The styles seen in Red Bull BC one amaze and inspire!

Cough and Cold medicine with a get up feeling

Shooting in the last week by 4 teenagers against each other and a death. Causes Police to patrol area and ambulances. Before that the Police had been present after a murder months ago with an inconclusive suspect.

Covid is known as the cold in a new medical reference book. So can be treated as the cold. On another page of this sight Covid or Sars was explained.

It was reported people attempt to rob a bank every day or upto five times a day with no success. So be aware that there may be a cue of robbers at the bank failing.

The drugs game has got hot with loads of smugglers arrested with the biggest drug imports, so much there are Royal Navy taking part not just Customs or Police, such as NCA.

Lots of food shops have got less food choice than before as sales lagged and so less stock or range was included. This happened with clothing and fashion such as 4 styles a season! Shop around.

Shout out 2 all old crews Water Tax refund darkness of hell to heaven Executive killer Hair cut

Terrorist attack New York 1960's

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Arpa.net was the start of a computer network that lead on to NSF.net and continuing with internet until now the internet of things.


Artificial intelligence has been around for many of the years but some say do not believe all that it says or does for hindsight or intuition can play well in a dangerous situation.




Cyber terror that can be real life action of electrical problems to be handled by an electrician. Simples was surge protection, then the hacker anti virus until it came with measures of the CIA / police.

Computers that could have been developed over a hundred years ago became a technology that need money and time to develop from a concept that was finished by a single man.


Fridges, phones, tablets and cookers to microwaves and televisions now have internet protocol addresses for control at a distance.


Government funding meant that projects were closed now industry started and this occurred reportedly three times so far since peace time.


New languages like rust or HTML 5 got the go ahead with a styles not seen easy enough for the novice.

Internet now has the world pacing at a rate that the phone line is being upgraded to fibre optic, seen before but a better standard and even cheaper like EE, VIRGIN or TALK TALK and Hutchinson 3G, Grain.


Super computers seems why the internet evolved as they linked each one around locations.


A user interface needed to be built to comfort the user and still does not exist to a luxury standard.


Television is simple and you do not have to operate in the same way as a computer on the network. Once their were terminals to a system and so operators took control, but be laid back and get comfort.

NSF.net was an old internet with research funding that has now gone. But the internet remains steadily fading as new technology makes ground.


Phones, wifi and channels broadcast and so now computer networks no longer are the control of a single user.


The internet of things got so many devices connected it was seen attempted before with free calls or even sales of telephone connections made illegal.


With cyber terror attempted with a cheap computer that could and seen as a toy the industry has made ground but there still exists what a film named TRON!


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