We all need food and from that we get vitamins and minerals to protein and fibre. Milk especially gives us calcium and so the cow is a good source of protein when you consider its meat.

Fish can also help us get the food we need as it is high in omega 3. But when cooking fish we are likely to have vegetables with it that contain carbohydrates.

Food has developed as some are eaten raw and others are cooked to stop a poisoning. Food poisoning is usually because of under cooked food. One thing you find is most fruit can be eaten raw and you can make a smoothes from fruit that is a liquid pulp of fruit the likes of bananas or apples.

Oranges are high in vitamin C which can help stop the cold. Recommendations of five fruit a day, called five a day consist of any fruit such as pear, plum, avocado etc.

Celery is another addition to meals such as lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes that all have their merits of what they can do for you. Salad is good to help prevent cholesterol such as fat in the blood.

Most people have the set pattern of meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus also supper. What breakfast can be made of is cereal in the morning such as cornflakes. Which may be fibre or bran, others have eggs with toast and bacon which is nutritious but not classed as so healthy today as it was. Lunch can be made up of a meat and some vegetables; these are to give you the strength to prevail for the day. By the time dinner is on more meat and vegetables to recover and proceed. Whilst supper may be a light toast and tea so hunger does not bite.

The cost of feeding yourself will dictate what nutrition will go. Tuna fish is cheap such as sardines or corn beef. Then also it will be a case if you can cook what you will eat.

There is not only cooking as think of baking. Bread is a common baked product and you can have this in white or brown bread. There is baked potato, cake, chicken or even fish that can come out of an oven. Baking has a different taste to boiling or frying. To boil is said to be healthy such as steaming as well. Whilst frying has intense taste but comes with a fat warning. Baking differs for some use oil when baking and others bake dry. To grill can give you the barbecue effect, as normal toast is grilled and also bacon. Can not leave out the fact a microwave works like all mentioned depending how set up to cook.

There has been food shortage around the world, many know of famine. Shops sometimes can not stock the goods in the years that have been due to supplier problems. Strawberry has been an item gone scarce as well as soda.

Cheese last for months and so differing diets will never notice a lack of food. Types of diets are prone to different problems such as meat with disease like mad cow or salmonella, scabies, bird flu and swine flu.


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