Coronavirus 3rd Wave

United kingdom government has admitted to having the highest death rate in the world, one hundred and four thousand. As the new lockdown showed thousands started dying a day whist the vaccines have arrived with millions given a dose.


The prices of the vaccine will play a role for when the president of USA caught Covid-19 he got treatment that is reported to be in the thousands of pounds to cure him. Not so for the people who were denied the drugs which seems due to cost, as the three vaccines to be used will not be more than one hundred pounds.


If you were dying it has recently been suggested as cheap steroid can stop the death. There are three vaccines being available now and only to the people in danger first, such as over 80 and 70 years of age the young and then frontline workers.


Lockdown was put in place again and again so the disease could not spread. Parties never stopped and the police had to shut down raves, weddings and clubs who broke the new no mixing laws.


You have to wear a mask in public places and some wanted extended to the home.  Washing of hands with sanitizer as well as the mask and bottled water made new millionaires.


Businesses that were none essential had to close, recession loomed! People could not work the same way with home working being done.


Borders were closed in Wales and Scotland who made it illegal to enter the territory. You can only stay local and if caught out of your area, arrests could be made not only a fine.


Once the lockdown set in businesses staying open got some large fines and in cases taken to court to be shut down.


The vaccine was said would be the answer to stop quarantine but as countries like Cuba and Russia made their vaccine. Those who are given the drugs seemingly will spread the disease said top scientists.

As the economy stopped working a recession loomed and with such problems redundancies were made. Business could not work the way it had before lockdown. Governments have borrowed and offered money to businesses but not all could wait out how long the lockdown is ongoing.


New mutants of the coronavirus meant new vaccine and only one company so far stated they are developing for the situation of the variant. It was hoped the current vaccines would work, finding not what was expected, that is from 95% to 50% immunity rate.


World figures show the UK with the worst death rate, and when people were trying to leave they had been getting arrested at the airport. If you had a private jet then as found those people made their way out of the place.  To come into the country a negative test has been required.


The no mixing rule or groups no more than 2 or 6 outside showed a stage in the lockdown or quarantine that the government has said will take further if people do not do the procedure, thatís stay at home and save lives.




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