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18 tunes to listen to taken from the video recipe. sample  

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kitchen refurb

Kitchen refurb, with electrics, painting and

decorating. Cupboards, gas and plumbing.

Buy Now just over 13 mins long.

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Get salmon with veg, have breakfast for the morning. A pizza style or pasta. With of course curry goat and an apple pudding. ;Buy Now Video just under an hour.


health 1

Do your health better with a barber, take what do you believe. Excercise from judo and finer juices for the refresh. Life weights and get fit, more hair cut styles. Dinner can be healthy then you got to live a bit from remedies, oxygen can come from a sauna but do not have to leave out pedicure. Shampoo twice a week and why not take a trek cross country. Buy Now video about 2 hours long.



Cat bird challenge music, the theme to construction, day out music 1,2,3 and 4, doing deals beat 1 & 2, electrics music, glass sound, music 1 - 6 all instrumental and shampoo theme tune. Buy Now 16 tracks of music just under an hour long.


VIDEO PLAY of fitness, jerk, carrot juice, break fast and decorate  

Decision the PC adventure game.  

Shots fired song about the times of guns and knives that we are attacked with and have no defence. When the system goes against you as only the authority is armed. Can you stand up and get up! Buy Now MP3. Video of shots fired. Buy Now



There's many ways to do things but which one do you believe video. Buy Now About: The methods we can use to get better health! A diagnosis in more ways than one. Catch a style that observes your whole body.  

Day out 2 video, where there is food, park and cooking. Buy Now
About: Get a take away, head for the stands where the stars are at. Take in some more food, then cook to end the day. What is available when your out and around.

Here is a catalogue of items on Hozacre. We can source any content of the website, just ask to be supplied.  


An electrics Video. About: Renewing electrical points needs doing when they do not work. There are standards to follow and a BSI is what is included from materials. From tools like screw driver, ladder and parts.


To come, kitchenkit, food  video fish n chips day out, more music hoz and car repair.


e cig

Music Give life and mind Buy Now mp3.
About: There are many remedies on the market and you have to find the one that works. Some are over the counter, others prescription only. You can see experts on the phone these days. People try herbal others chemical. What will surprise is you can nearly have any drug over the age of 18.


Video Give life and mind. Have your ups and downs or ride smooth. Take the falls with the rises. Make a start to get to the end. .

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