Burglar burglar burglar.
 Your going to get done for murder murder murder.
You broke the window, smash the door.
 Any entry as if you slide on the floor.

 If electrics honey, you take gold, silver and money.
 Any item funny, left with a stench send your nose runny.
1,2,3,4,5 X amount of homes you broke.
Some say you stayed and had a f**k.
Those girls were out of luck.
Rape baby in the gut.



 Tried the coke, killed the pain.
 But the Police say go insane.
 Pain killer Pain killer.
 Rumble after dinner.
 Pain killer pain killer.
 Thriller from a driller.
 Cocaine don’t make you feel better.
 Made it illegal, believe the letter.
 Dentist drill your teeth.
Pain killer pain killer



Violence is money honey.

Think your funny, a playboy bunny.

Violence is money.

The devil calls.

Rain falls.

Air we breathe money stalls.

Violence is money.

Valor value vigor figure.

Violence is money.

Wealth for yourself.

Violence was the stealth.

Violence is money.

Numbers beyond double digits.

A time different we use widgets.

Got to pay.

Sun shines another day.



The lord said break bread.

You wouldn’t believe your eating bleach.

They feed us bleach.

So disease doesn’t reach.

Your mobile phone got a charge.

No virus at large.

Television frequencies.

Germs sequences.

How is the going to be disease.

Plead get down to your knees.

There is bird disease, cat disease, dog disease.

Seems like it move with the breeze.

Got bleach in water.

Germs live shorter.

Use your common sense.

Cost less than 1 pence.

Money got a charge.

There’s disease at large.

Salt brings you life.

Kill you like a bad wife.

Remove salt electrolyte.

Why go through a fight.

Every consumption got salt.

They put us at fault.

If your cold keep yourself warm.

There’s never been a remedy since you were born.

Layers of clothes pad up.

If hot that’s your lot.

Cool down, water, water, water.

Salt on the order.

Products dissipate heat.

You’ll encounter them on the beat.

Remove the pain.

Best way to remain tame.

Beat it, defeat it, treat it.

Eat healthy to stay wealthy.





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