In 1950 A.D. the virus was found and said to effect animals, fish and human occurrence. By 2002 A.D. there was an outbreak which caused cold, influenza and pneumonia. 2009 and 2019 A.D. bring us up to date with the situation as it has gone worldwide.


There have been attempts to cure the Covid 19 with acid, bleach or alcohol, amino acids and distilled water. There is no solid evidence these work but many are said to have an effect and so more trials will be needed. It has been estimated a vaccine will be available in 18 months 2021 A.D.


Antiviral drugs are another said to effective, also drugs for hepatitis C or Ebola. But they do not know how this was worked for some and not for others.


The best drugs on the market cost ten thousand pounds or twenty five pounds a use for a week. Not many people will be able to afford such drugs and so with reports that it is only the fittest will survive, they are treating people to lessen the effect of the illnesses.


Oxygen is needed to help recovery and so how many people require a respirator meant not enough have been available. Basically it has been a pick and choose, based on a personís health who will get treatment in intensive care, on a ward or get to hospital.


If you have a high temperature or new cough then this can be sign of the symptoms of the virus and so isolation has said to needed either 7/ 14 days to four months out of the way of others.


When you look at what has happened the world health organization (WHO) has said in reports countries should have been ready years ago for such things. It was said to be under control but a lockdown has been required and new laws enacted to cope with the situation. So you need to keep looking at it to see what can you do.


As patients died arthritis drugs were tried and got success, HIV drugs were tried but a difficult outcome of some failure.




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