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Coronavirus started off as one disease and has developed into 3 strains when looked into within a few months.  Once a large number of people began to show signs of the disease, 30 strains were found. But in china coming to the end of their pandemic 40 strains were said to have been recognized. The 40 strains of the disease called Covid19 has also showed 40 strains in the United Kingdom.

People have now been told they can go back to work instead of working from home or continue to be off the job.

Blood has now been found can be a new cure for the disease if a patient who had the disease becomes well and so should have some immunity to the disease.

Dyson who makes all sorts of household white goods such as washing machines or vacuums cleaners, has designed a ventilator that if passed should be available because of the shortage found in the UK.

Donations have also been made by large companies of ventilators such as Tesla in the US.

This lockdown brought a new chapter to the economy of workers told to go home and they will be paid 80% of their wages in the UK. Whilst the furlough has been extended for more time, with companies also able to claim some of an income for the months not in business.

Heat  can kill the virus, but the problem is hot countries still have had the virus. What does that mean? It could be result of direct heat such as the sun and not sheltered places such as damp.

With so many ideas how to cure coronavirus, the herb has been found and is being tested for a type that can be used for the health of Covid19 patients.

Governments seem in chaos and so are taking loans and giving loans to keep the countries afloat.

Be the pandemic was pointed out by the world health organization (WHO), it has come to a stage that the death toll does not seem as bad as it had been expected and so there is saying a vaccine may not be needed in the UK.

Marijuana that is still illegal in the UK with a sentence of 5 years, if used for the virus, no government has said they will legalize the drug. Be it doctors can treat dementia (another top killer in the UK) with marijuana. So there is a difficulty of what is said should be done. As president Ttrump mentioned bleach and was ridiculed, but the British national formulary (medical book) does state such things can be done and should not be ruled out if there is no cure.

Be there mutations of the virus what will be tried can mean severe problems for people. In the early outbreak it was said wait and see what happens (a death toll) and later on there was an outcry when populations heard not everyone will be treated as there is no treatment.

 NASA the space agency has done engineering work on developing a ventilator and found it is deemed to work for use in this emergency. They done it fast and said as it is what they know.

With time passing no vaccine past the test when developed for these circumstances of the virus and old drugs already developed placed hope for many.

Physics has said would be viable to find a cure and help scientist work out what they are up against. Many drugs found by physics, the new virus must be an agenda where science can get results. It is to remember that other diseases targeted by science seemingly disappeared before they could learn what to do.

As there are strains of the virus different ways put an end of myths tobacco has no use. For tobacco smokers in France were said to get better faster who smoked and so nicotine patches got brought in.

Tesla tried to give ventilators and they could not be used when purchased by the owner for patients needs as a particular ventilator has been necessary and not any ventilator.

In Mexico travelers entering the country have to go through a wash tunnel where they are sprayed in hope they do not bring in the virus.

More and more technology has been developed for the coronavirus disease with a tracking app that takes details from individuals about their condition good or bad, in hope to learn more.

As the tobacco industry make’s a vaccine and wait on trials if there drugs work, weed trials spread from the likes of Israel.





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