Fake drugs

 How are we supplied drugs, comes in a number of forms such as by aeroplane through the air when imported fast. The batch that will have been prepared for import has to meet the country of destination laws. So much to say that it will be a brand which has all the correct form to be sold.

Problem is brands do not come cheap and so there are generics or copies. These will not be of the same standard but also will be cheaper for the sales person who can cut costs if you do not know it.

 Chloroform which became abused when on the market was withdrawn and so copies became available. Point is guidelines where made up of how such a product could be sold. What we will not know is that as like that brand once in the hands of a courier we have no idea when sold / dispensed who, what or where it came from.

A door to door salesman can make you buy under pressure which is not illegal but does have problems that it is not monitored. All you can do is go by the salesman if everything is ok but you have a cooling off period. Now all drugs have an expiry date and you will be aware if the drug is out of date or stale. But what you must realise is there are loopholes around dates.

For stock which has been taken off the market by one company can be bought and resold to another that was found to have ended up on the NHS as it was cheap. What was wrong with these drugs, route of supply as they also were repackaged and now dated.

Illegal drugs suffered a bad marketing problem when found cannabis was imported in a dead dog’s carcass. So we were made aware of illegal problems in source repeatedly, like a 10 year trip it took for cocaine to arrive sealed in lead bells.

Expensive drugs are protected so much that even when there is a problem it barely lasts exposure for the drug company will clear it up. Whilst cheap drugs go unnoticed by nature as the price compels people to believe they are worthless. To get a fresh amount of drugs seems like it was everyone’s dream. As to be simple most drugs were identified in the 18th century that are on the market today, being they now do a version that has other ingredients of the form it is made up of. Not fresh like milk or water but given the theme of useable.

People have took to making there own drugs that were imported but seem to be getting caught. Like a flat, pub or warehouse that was turned into a farm for marijuana and this was fresh. You could say all the drugs that are being produced that were imported or sourced from a manufacturer were now being done as generic.

Home laboratories have cropped up that made even LSD, crystal meths or Valium from an ingredient list as close to some original as could get.

 So the journey of fake drugs has many directions and you have to know what they are doing to you. Most will not work or work in another way that the branded drug does not do. It can be presumed drugs are policed, controlled and inhibited for this story was about a class of drugs only or were available on prescription.


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