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If you found yourself getting into trouble be weary of ASBO. This can have an effect of what you do and where you are.

It might seem that your in a sticky situation Bribery is the only way out. Not so because you can be charged for this.

It had been trendy for Computer misuse until the law caught up and now you can be charged for a crime if doing such things.

Whether it is a child or your vulnerable partner who gets Domestic violence, this should not be done with a variety of troubles depicted for such a crime.

You may think the green party is Environmental protection but there is a law and you need to adhere to it for your plans to run smoothly.

Gun and you know it is Fire arms but the law is strict on the use and how they are kept by the owner.

We all like a flutter but this has to be within reason, Gambling can not be done if you can not meet certain guidelines just to start with.

Never seen the news on how big Human trafficking has got. You may be he one about to be trafficked on want to traffic some one. That is a big no go.

To get into the country and stay Immigration needs to be handled, some do it before they arrive others are working it whilst they are here.

Knives seem so simple and the way they are used until knife attacks rose over the years. Law had to be put in place over knives and now it is not simple to be caught with one.

Licensing ranges to many different areas and check what area you are needing a license for. As law will state no license and so not allowed.

Misuse of drugs has been a law in force for some time but then came categories changed for various drugs. What you might think is legal years ago may not be legal now.

Seems like a joke Poaching food and this gaming is not allowed.

Depending what country your in Obscene publications can change from being legal to illegal.

If you do the crime be prepared to do the time but in came Proceeds of crime where the wealth from the crime is taken off the offender.

To drive you must obey Road traffic and so if you are caught depending on what you done it can be a serious offence booked for you.

Escalation in Serious crime meant better laws to handle the problem. Sentencing has got heavier wide spread and more crime is being detected that could not be understood before.

You are not to steal that is known as Theft.

Video recording has strict rules that should not be broken, the use of video equipment needs the person to understand the right from the wrong.

We are mere mortals and War crimes seems the most there is to protect people. It is a law that has been broken many times in the last 30 years and the courts have come to deal with it.

So there are laws in place but if to remember there are the ten commandments from the bible that state a foundation to follow.


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