Pitfall part 1


As the gunman struck no one was to be found who would talk as a witness for the victim. People heard the shot but took it for fireworks. But this was a meeting place for a draw and week after week in the night people were shot until an injured who went to hospital was offered the police.

Knife attacks in the city of Birmingham seem as not as bad as London yet they are happening. Different styles of knives are used once it was made illegal to buy the army styled knives. Just it should be known that a knife also got used as it was a lesser sentence than a gun if caught for a stabbing.

Cars seem normal life essentials and are seen every day, a getaway car is how the vehicle got used as a fast transport from a scene of crime. Cameras got put in place and now cars are caught speeding once the incident happened.

All types of favorite cars such as the Golf made a statement to the law and so because of being used in crime they were targeted for offenders, like the clothes as well. Cavalier a Vauxhall car never made it into the category like the golf by volks wagon.  There was a car theft scene for golfs to be stolen for crimes like joy riding, doing wheel spins at the least.

Burglary meant having the tools and as the value of the object got bigger the tools needed to be adapted. The burglar was not like the mugger who would trap you in the alley or the rape in a secluded space. For if the burglar worked his way up from such crimes it seemed they happened in private houses were people became helpless.

Most crimes are reported and so the offender is on the run. But the police do not take all crime seriously. As a robbery in certain areas where the value is low Police will not attend. Vandalism is another that Police will not bother with until it hits a value or significant item.

To get an arrest you have to consider that there is a need for importance. For city police and village police go on varied reasons. So you have to expect crime happens in different places with different outcomes.

1 crime to 100 incidents solved is a figure of what has happened. It tends to be that there is security and protection which only covers who paid.

Chasing down an offender for a victim is done on occasions such as murder. But if you were to complain of a slap how the law works it seems only death or dying gets authorities moving.

We are made too believe the Police are there for us, but more likely it is deterrent of Police being a presence.

I seen a beating of a man where the Police watched on until the fight had finished, then decided to take action, which was little more than move.


Avenge is what has got going around and there seems no stop for what has happened. It is often said the reason will answer the problem. But on such instances the problem is so bad the authorities have resorted to drugs. That is more and more citizens are being drugged legally to stop a wave of hostility in the place.

A man will say my wife is not a Prostitute but he heard the rumors, and see men trying to take there go. As there are prostitutes and it has become common knowledge that if you pay then sex can be gained. How do you protect the women or men for it is legal in the UK until a complaint.

Women have been called gold diggers and men resorted to extortion. Nothing seems wrong with the money as it is accepted and used all over. Whilst if unknown then the problem continues as not seen by law. For the complexity of law gets simple in how much money is the case. They see most people do not have a lot of money, so when it comes to blackmail nothing but large amounts of money get the attention or death and dying.

Bank robbers take a risk to rob a bank so must know the sentence for what they have done or doing. A trend shows none believe the punishment to the extent more punishment is given.

There are trends in the types of crimes happening over the years and car jacking made the news, so there are pirates. Kidnap also made the news, why? Because car jacking was property and seems to affect a lot of people, then kidnap is life.

Petty theft, theft and high scale robbery get a perspective depending on whos involved. There is no love between the parties for the rip off business made fortunes but not treated as theft. Be it over charging was done or losses occurred, law is made to allow some but not others to steal. How a protected person / company,  gets treated will be fined a sum. It is unbelievable when others try the same and will end up in court and prison.

On the street it went around old news of how to make a lot of money that was mug and slash the victim. This got slammed and soon was left out of the street styles for the punishment was prison. It would be argued they never killed any one and it was only a small sum. But what each offender never knew was it had become common and escalated to a major crime.

Begging has been around for centuries and the professional beggar came. It worked for the beggar until noticed how they were a large community. Hustle is a crime and thats what the beggar had been doing to get hundreds a day, hustling people.

To work out a Con man could be the worse floor if he catches you. No one is supposed to know the con. When no one knows was heroin, weed or cocaine is the con worked with chocolate, bush and bleach or crushed tablets.


The media, police and members of the community do surveillance and find out what is happening. You could say the place is being spied on by unknown forces like a James Bond movie. What is there often turns out to be minimal in mass but enough to have an effect why informing caused discontent. The police said you should know who your calling the Police on, whilst law states will the community allow it. With police called to beat an opponent or press taking a side and the community seeking power all types of effect from money debts, lies being made and areas distressed the outcome changed.

Half the men in England have been given a criminal record. Law is made from the community and they have been drugged. The control occurring in the country is represented by outside or foreign factors for it is believed right has to be done. The country has so many foreign interests in countries abroad seem s there is a shift to whos in charge. There are sides such as welsh, Scottish, Irish and English, it is often spoken they do not agree. Also there are ethnicities such as black, Asian and mixed race for example which are sides but because of being minority dont have a count when it comes to what is happening.

You could watch the television and find over time sides have come and gone or there are prominent sides that hold the viewing. In other words there has been left out or made not to talk. Gangs seen this and when attempting to be heard were quickly withdrawn through courts and laws so they do not capture an audience.

Does not matter if a crew was formed the law changed what could be said and at the moment it seems only government guidelines to publishing is allowed.

Poor in the country are being left out but used when needed as they need the money. Minimum wage made it that jobs became sought after and the poor where being cared for. Problem is what was considered poor a minimum wage showed even poorer out in the community surviving.

You could see that places had deviated and found another way to keep going which was not allowed. There were certain rules that communities had that national law said would not stand, that is local government ruled by London.


Ruled by the crown and so called subjects when trained it is held that is owed to the country.  Value is seen that the country gave to its citizens and so they have to follow the rules such as pay part of the way.


Be it that there are local, national and international laws the United Kingdom no longer has the death penalty and instead prison. Some say they want the executions again in the country but only the Police are known to kill when danger.  Euthanasia is not permitted for the doctor to kill a patient when asked, just if a person relies on artificial life support then they can be turned off for a death.

Food is the basis of life and as the country goes without food, it is imported, there was mention no more reliance on imports will be made and so there are pockets of the country that go without food at times. The idea of self-sufficient means what was relied on abroad is said stops a progression and it can be seen in the major shops only certain countries selling products.




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