You can not miss the weather as we are taught of seasons and so we expect spring, summer, autumn and winter. As these seasons have become obscure we are now shown climate change.

The climate for spring as we knew it was a thaw from winter as then there would have been snow. But as the years have gone on spring no longer has a definite thaw and we also some time get snow falling as spring arrives. So spring is pushed further away to say adjusted as the agriculture crops and shops had to change the game plan.

Shops now have sales of winter stuff early as the winter did not bring the custom as it would be called light. Thus out go the winter items and in come the spring goods. As for the farmer he has not had it so good either as now food can not be grown in spring when it is late so there is less turnover of the land.

Different crops have been tried yet to sustain a country if no food as we have seen imports take a role. Farming needed the hard set line of the four seasons and with spring some times cropping up as a good sign if early as crops can be grown sooner. But it has been found food planted can be decimated by a freak winter weather appearing in spring.

Been said the pollution from the cars, factories and any other type of fuel users has caused the change in seasons. Things have been done by governments like burning less coal, fossil fuel. Creating more targets for the types of pollution permitted. Lowering the green house gases that are expelled in the air since ozone layer.

After spring comes summer and summers have got hotter, drier and more intense weather that was not seen before. United Kingdom has temperatures of the Mediterranean. Some people complain, others can not believe the wet and dull weather has gone. Just to hot in the UK and more food is produced, whilst we then have problems with drought. Hose pipe bans on watering the garden came into place and so every one has been touched by the effect of a scorching summer. The late hot summers and some times early autumn can not be pin pointed too the expectations of the past.

For the autumn was known to be when the leaves would fall and all the green plants died. In came ever green horticulture to spruce up the gardens so it would not be an eye sore. The ever green plants were met with a long summer and late autumn were the green plants never died. For if you can understand this was seen as a mayhem in which winter was due for many years as green life continued into winter. Crops grew with abundance whilst also failing to be of use in certain categories. The farmer had a customer and the customer had a specification that meant no winter produce by nature. Thatís business of not aware of the environment changes.

 It was said the size of the produce and taste were a problem. So climate change showed winter over run by summer / autumn. Polluted is the country for years and not many knew there would be a difference.


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