All about the money


Accounts of all businesses are kept at Companies house and also around the world they have a type of Companies house be it by another name. What you can do is look at the company to see how it is doing, such as capital, annual return and charges etc.


The banking system around the world can be used for the creation of money, not so long ago in the UK the government printed money and gave it to the banks to avert a recession, called quantities easing. This has happened in other countries such as Germany or the USA as well, money being given out to stabilize the country. But money is created from around the world at banks with the external and internal flows of money from country to country. Most banks operate abroad so have foreign customers. Such deposits in a country and outside of the country can create money.


Well if you have no money then there are benefits for a social aid. Some countries do not have benefits and help may come from abroad such as the united nations, charities in the form of clothes, food or water. Benefits are the last stop action to prevent a crisis.  Most benefits are paid from insurance and so when you worked they make you pay a premium known as national insurance. If not working after then benefits can be paid, but you are expected to work again and pay another premium to the benefit system. If not working for a long time benefits are or can be stopped and people are put into a program of work, training and education so they are on their way to earn a living again with benefits topping up low wages.


Capital is created from Ventures, you may find gold, oil or build buildings or land acquired. So this can be the start of money. Yet it is now known not all capital is wanted like it used to be such as oil, gambling, or pornography that made a lot of money. Oil is a lethal pollutant and so after years of use and becoming aware of global warming oil is being phased out and electric brought in a cleaner fuel. So you could say that venture to find oil which is around the world is being made into a fail lose situation. As there are laws in the UK, coming into place for no more production of petrol or diesel cars for example.


Money can come with a debt and so some people know of the bailiff who buys bad debts and then collects. Others can say that debt gets them every so often when they cannot pay. But debt can be the make or break of money. As you need to understand how the give and take effect  works. It might be a case that to have more money you try a loan that is a debt or you credit another debt. Its best to only use as much money as you need. A saying of the credit crunch was too many people in debt and no more credit available and so they went bankrupt.


To have an education you may need to spend a lot of money to make a difference. When you are below the age of 16 most is provided by the government in UK to a certain standard. For after leaving school you need to get real and find money to fund your education. Differing area’s of skill have different costs to get. No education and it is most likely that you will fall back, behind the pack unless finding a trade that can support you. Each level of education brings a status which is linked to wealth supposedly in the ideal world.


Food is essential for life and money is linked to this as you have to buy. Production of food has a cost but due to finding a lack of money some foods are produced with that in mind. Best way to put it is processes food is cheap to make, yet fresh food costs more to produce and is sold at a premium. You can tell from what you eat if the money is working. As most fast food is cheap, whilst restaurant meals cost more.


Governments have borrowed to run their countries by way of services, business or education. A government will use money from loans to speed up the process when the country needs it to make a productive place. Where this money comes from can be such as bonds sold on the markets.


Humans are valued and this is seen from the capital they can produce, when work is achieved by a human that capital makes it wise to have humans to aid the production. Some say the robot can do that but it has not taken over all the roles humans are needed for. Then the cost of a robot is expensive be it you have the automated car so no need for a driver or the robot to perform surgery and there are more places automated. Still it is realized the human capacity enables more things to be done now that cannot be waited upon.


To get humans to work they need to have an income and with this income they need available the things they want, need and require. Income is seen as one problem with money, so imports and exports, abroad and home are made to be available with goods priced to reflect what money we got and what we can get with our money.


People do not work for free and this is now known as slavery, money is the key for working.


Jobs have to be made available which are created to give humans work to do at a cost, which should have a return or the job goes, such as in recession.


Small amounts of money are covered by larger amounts of money. We should see that the use of money grows bigger such as from shop, to factory and onto corporate business.


People are needed to move to where the money is to gain an income or better standard of living. Whilst some will stay on low pay to live with their family others have to leave their family and friends to get a good wage.


In the United Kingdom, we have a capital where money is centralized with smaller amounts found outside of London, such as Birmingham and the Manchester. There is a historical point behind these locations, which you will find were the headquarters for the rulers.


With who rules dictating what will happen, they set the pace for markets and how the money flowed.


Other parts of the country are still under development where funding / money is given to get a lot of places up to date with the circumstances money now. Wealth can be seen in the yearly budget distributed around the UK country by the government.


Competition for money can hot up when new money is put in place, but when the money ends places look desolate. That competitiveness seems to go and no one wants to know what those campaigns were about because there is no money in it.


The making of money has meant a control of the money as well, where prices of items will go up or down depending on how much money is available. Money does not go uncontrolled it is checked such as goods are checked and all items on the market are checked.  You could say it is to balance the value of the country overall.  So simply put inflation and deflation play a role.


Some people use all their money to buy a house, others rent and these markets occur over many years, in which time the place could change. To keep up with the changes there are rates, taxes and other means of measurement that should show the environments people are in with their money spent.


Finding the circumstances of a country and it bills is handled by the treasury. Money is placed about the place to keep the country going and you need to know your getting it as part of the country. Often area’s are missed and never see a penny of the money being spent elsewhere, not excluded but did not apply.


Unemployment could be the best sign of when the money has dried up and the work has gone. But a person needs to make themselves available with the education, skills or strength to do work. Easily said but not easily done when fail and being classed as wrong occurred in so many industries that were once seen as doing well.


With the essence of life abundant through water and the land that can be used, time has shown that disasters like a recession, depression and so on could not be missed. The whole world at times seems to go wrong with a crisis that affects every country. An ageing population will not be available for work and so more women have gone to work.  Qualifications also go out of date and so there is no end to the money problem evolving.



In the name of law UK


If you found yourself getting into trouble be weary of ASBO. This can have an effect of what you do and where you are.

It might seem that your in a sticky situation Bribery is the only way out. Not so because you can be charged for this.

It had been trendy for Computer misuse until the law caught up and now you can be charged for a crime if doing such things.

Whether it is a child or your vulnerable partner who gets Domestic violence, this should not be done with a variety of troubles depicted for such a crime.

You may think the green party is Environmental protection but there is a law and you need to adhere to it for your plans to run smoothly.

Gun and you know it is Fire arms but the law is strict on the use and how they are kept by the owner.

We all like a flutter but this has to be within reason, Gambling can not be done if you can not meet certain guidelines just to start with.

Never seen the news on how big Human trafficking has got. You may be the one about to be trafficked or want to traffic some one. That is a big no go.

To get into the country and stay Immigration needs to be handled, some do it before they arrive others are working it whilst they are here.

Knives seem so simple and the way they are used until knife attacks rose over the years. Law had to be put in place over knives and now it is not simple to be caught with one.

Licensing ranges to many different areas and check what area you are needing a license for. As law will state no license and so not allowed.

Misuse of drugs has been a law in force for some time but then came categories changed for various drugs. What you might think is legal years ago may not be legal now.

Seems like a joke Poaching food and this gaming is not allowed.

Depending what country your in Obscene publications can change from being legal to illegal.

If you do the crime be prepared to do the time but in came Proceeds of crime where the wealth from the crime is taken off the offender.

To drive you must obey Road traffic and so if you are caught depending on what you done it can be a serious offence booked for you.

Escalation in Serious crime meant better laws to handle the problem. Sentencing has got heavier wide spread and more crime is being detected that could not be understood before.

You are not to steal that is known as Theft.

Video recording has strict rules that should not be broken, the use of video equipment needs the person to understand the right from the wrong.

We are mere mortals and War crimes seems the most there is to protect people. It is a law that has been broken many times in the last 30 years and the courts have come to deal with it.

So there are laws in place but if to remember there are the ten commandments from the bible that state a foundation to follow.



Fake drugs


How are we supplied drugs, comes in a number of forms such as by aeroplane through the air when imported fast. The batch that will have been prepared for import has to meet the country of destination laws. So much to say that it will be a brand which has all the correct form to be sold.


Problem is brands do not come cheap and so there are generics or copies. These will not be of the same standard but also will be cheaper for the sales person who can cut costs if you do not know it.


Chloroform which became abused when on the market was withdrawn and so copies became available. Point is guidelines where made up of how such a product could be sold. What we will not know is that as like that brand once in the hands of a courier we have no idea when sold / dispensed who, what or where it came from.


A door to door salesman can make you buy under pressure which is not illegal but does have problems that it is not monitored. All you can do is go by the salesman if everything is ok but you have a cooling off period.


Now all drugs have an expiry date and you will be aware if the drug is out of date or stale. But what you must realise is there are loopholes around dates. For stock which has been taken off the market by one company can be bought and resold to another that was found to have ended up on the NHS as it was cheap. What was wrong with these drugs, route of supply as they also were repackaged and now dated.


Illegal drugs suffered a bad marketing problem when found cannabis was imported in a dead dog’s carcass. So we were made aware of illegal problems in source repeatedly, like a 10 year trip it took for cocaine to arrive sealed in lead bells.


Expensive drugs are protected so much that even when there is a problem it barely lasts exposure for the drug company will clear it up. Whilst cheap drugs go unnoticed by nature as the price compels people to believe they are worthless.


To get a fresh amount of drugs seems like it was everyone’s dream. As to be simple most drugs were identified in the 18th century that are on the market today, being  they now do a version that has other ingredients of the form it is made up of. Not fresh like milk or water but given the theme of useable.


People have took to making there own drugs that were imported but seem to be getting caught. Like a flat, pub or warehouse that was turned into a farm for marijuana and this was fresh.


You could say all the drugs that are being produced that were imported or sourced from a manufacturer were now being done as generic. Home laboratories have cropped up that made even LSD, crystal meths or Valium from an ingredient list as close to some original as could get.


So the journey of fake drugs has many directions and you have to know what they are doing to you. Most will not work or work in another way that the branded drug does not do. It can be presumed drugs are policed, controlled and inhibited for this story was about a class of drugs only or were available on prescription.







You can not miss the weather as we are taught of seasons and so we expect spring, summer, autumn and winter. As these seasons have become obscure we are now shown climate change.


The climate for spring as we knew it was a thaw from winter as then there would have been snow. But as the years have gone on spring no longer has a definite thaw and we also some time get snow falling as spring arrives. So spring is pushed further away to say adjusted as the agriculture crops and shops had to change the game plan.


Shops now have sales of winter stuff early as the winter did not bring the custom as it would be called light. Thus out go the winter items and in come the spring goods.


As for the farmer he has not had it so good either as now food can not be grown in spring when it is late so there is less turnover of the land. Different crops have been tried yet to sustain a country if no food as we have seen imports take a role.


Farming needed the hard set line of the four seasons and with spring some times cropping up as a good sign if early as crops can be grown sooner. But it has been found food planted can be decimated by a freak winter weather appearing in spring.


Been said the pollution from the cars, factories and any other type of fuel users has caused the change in seasons. Things have been done by governments like burning less coal, fossil fuel. Creating more targets for the types of pollution permitted. Lowering the green house gases that are expelled in the air since ozone layer.


After spring comes summer and summers have got hotter, drier and more intense weather that was not seen before. United Kingdom has temperatures of the Mediterranean. Some people complain, others can not believe the wet and dull weather has gone. Just to hot in the UK and more food is produced, whilst we then have problems with drought. Hose pipe bans on watering the garden came into place and so every one has been touched by the effect of a scorching summer.


The late hot summers and some times early autumn can not be pin pointed too the expectations of the past. For the autumn was known to be when the leaves would fall and all the green plants died. In came ever green horticulture to spruce up the gardens so it would not be an eye sore. The ever green plants were met with a long summer and late autumn were the green plants never died.


For if you can understand this was seen as a mayhem in which winter was due for many years as green life continued into winter. Crops grew with abundance whilst also failing to be of use in certain categories. The farmer had a customer and the customer had a specification that meant no winter produce by nature. That’s business of not aware of the environment changes. It was said the size of the produce and taste were a problem.


So climate change showed winter over run by summer / autumn. Polluted is the country for years and not many knew there would be a difference.

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